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International Cybersecurity Challenge: A global event to compete in cyber skills

Technological advances come with a compromise as they give rise to an ever-increasing cyber-threat landscape.

New Delhi, India - JANUARY 27, 2023 - This year's ICC event in San Diego, California, USA is inviting young minds to not only test their cyber skills but also to consider cybersecurity as a profession to build a digitally secure future.

Building a digitally secure society globally is of paramount importance as cyber-attacks are not confined within geographical limits and can have devastating consequences.

The aim of the ICC is to attract young talent and raise awareness in the global community on the education and skills needed in cybersecurity. By pioneering in designing an international challenge, we believe that the ICC brand will be associated with the top cybersecurity talents of the world and also anticipate that ICC will become one of the key incubators of cybersecurity entrepreneurship and future top security experts.


Hindustan Times